Phallosan Forte gains

phallosanforteThe Phallosan Forte results male enlargement device relies on the principle of traction to augment the size of a man’s penis. More commonly known as a penis extender, this particular method of male enhancement is known to be reliable which accounts for its increasing popularity. Whereas most other products on the market make absurd claims (like gaining 3″ in just a few weeks), this penis extender is one of the rare ones that men can fully trust.

Traction is a concept that has existed for years and often used by medical specialists to lengthen the arms and legs of patients with stunted growth. This method consists in applying continual tension to a target body part with the intent of promoting a biological reaction known as “Cytokinesis“. It refers to the physiological response where the current number of cells increases through the repeated process of cell division. These newly created cells are subsequently used by the body when more tissue is required to meet growth demands.


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